Cremona Fiere, May 25-28, 2018

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Three days fully dedicated to the Made in USA equestrian disciplines and lifestyle, with a various and highly qualitative show program at present unmatched in Europe

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The Western Horse Fair ‘Salone del Cavallo Americano’, hosted the prestigious Ercha-Nrcha Derby 2018, a special event, reserved to four and five year-old horses.

Fifty-seven finalists entered the arena at the 2018 IRHA/NRHA Open Derby with a final that had the crowd holding their breath to the end. It looked a though we were in for a thrilling run-off between two of the sport’s top riders, Gennaro Lendi astride the magnificent Sugar Little Step owned by Quarter Dream, and Cira Baeck aboard Gunstep owned by Corinna Shumacher’s Cs Ranch. Both had marked a score of 222.5. Instead, back on the throne was go-round leader Saturday Mizzen after a daring run by Pierluigi Chioldo.

Cri*** Senior. A single go for the nine pairs in the arena at Cremona on the evening of Monday 21 May for the CRI *** Senior. A front row seat, and eyes trained on the riders, for Team Italy Coach Marco Manzi, who has the difficult task of selecting the riders who will travel to Tryon (Usa) next September to represent their country at the World Equestrian Games. The short list, currently being updated, will be finalised around mid-June after the meeting of selected riders on 13/14 June. Manzi explains: «With this result both Kelly Zweifel and Giugliemo Fontana have achieved the necessary requirements they were lacking for the qualification procedure». The team will include five athletes (4 + one reserve) and will be accompanied by the official veterinarian Daniele Dall'Ora.

 There were 52 finalists in the Non Pro event with sparks expected to fly following the lead up from the go round that had been dominated by Gina Shumacher, with her three horses placed among the top four.  But this evening, it was no holds barred for Tina Kunster-Mahl, who had two horses in the final of the IRHA/NRHA Derby Non Pro here in Cremona and put together two great runs.

Day 3 of the IRHA/NRHA Derby and the atmosphere at Cremona is already vibrant: no less than 132 pairs passed the starting gate of the large oval arena for the Derby Open go-round, this year divided into two sections that competed over Tuesday evening and a good part of Wednesday. This year the show has attracted many of Europe’s top riders from a total of eight different nations. Overall, there were 52 entries at level 4, 62 at level 3, 85 at level 2 and 68 at level 1. 

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