Cremona Fiere, May 24-26, 2019

Cremona Fiere

May, 24/26 

Opening time

Friday 09.00 - 23.00
Saturday 09.00 - 23.00
Sunday 09.00 -19.00



Full price 18,00€
Reduced price 15,00€
Weekend Pass 35,00€


Three days fully dedicated to the Made in USA equestrian disciplines and lifestyle, with a various and highly qualitative show program at present unmatched in Europe

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Cremona claims its place as the capital of world reining outside the US. Throughout the year the city hosts some of the world’s most important events for this fascinating equestrian discipline that has come to us from the US. This year, from 8 to 16 December, it will also provide the location for the debut of what everyone is now calling the Big Futurity: a competition for three-year-old horses that boasts stellar prize money, ranking it fourth in the world for payout after the huge American special events (NRHA Futurity, NRHA Derby and NRBC), and the top competition if we consider the ratio between expected revenues and the prize money paid.

This splendid year of top reining will kick off at the highly efficient CremonaFiere during the ‘Salone del Cavallo Americano 2018’ with the IRHA-NRHA Derby, offering 84.400 Euro in prize money. The competition will take place alongside a range of interesting classes for the ‘sliders’. With last entries received on April 30, the next date on the agenda of the reinerscoming from all over Europeis Monday 21 May when the gates of the Fair will officially open for the go-round(section 1) of the Derby Non Pro. The event opens to the public on Friday, May 25 to coincide with the first of the two big finals, namely that of non-professionals; as always Saturday will see the Open final, with online ticketing already available to ensure a place in the stands through The reiningOpen final will be preceded by the finals of the reined cow horse Derby, promising a thrilling day of shows.

This year again sees riders competing in the much-loved "Oklahoma style" oval arena in two CRI *** competitions and all theAncillary NRHA events.


The staff

As always, presiding over the Derby is a top international jury: Joe Hayes and Nic Baar will be over from the US (respectively Texas and Ohio), Swede Rick LeMay from Spain, where he lives and works, Julie Rossner from Germany, while the Italian Lara Maiocchi will be playing at home, so to speak. Carol Telford, an American now residing in Rome, will be officiating at bit inspection and German Maik Bartmann will be atthe monitor.

Last year’s efficient secretarial and arena staff will be back this year: Vittorio Gaetano and Federica Caimi, coordinated by Cristina Serra, will guarantee the technically perfect performance of the secretarial procedures, while the doormanwill be Nick Puscas, with Alessandro Dezzutto and Harry Quint working as stewards, and the demanding job of ensuring a good ground in the show ringwill once again be entrusted to dragmasterGiorgio Mondini.

Live scoringandlive streamingwill be guaranteed respectively by Alexander Quinte of and by the Andrea Bonaga studio: both will be accessible via the button on the home page of


What is there to see?

  • The Derby, which is the second-most important Special Event of the discipline after the November Futurity. Reserved for horses from 4 to 7 years, it comprises a division for professional riders (Open) and one for amateurs (Non Pro), both divided into 4 levels depending on the career-earnings of the riders. Level 4 sees the most experienced riders competing in the show ring. The event attracts many top athletes from all over Europe.
  • The CRI *** Seniorand the CRI *** Junior + Young Ridersconsist of a single go-round. The Senior competition will enable riders to be assessed and possibly selected for the Team Italy that will compete at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon (US) next September, while riders in the latter division are vying to qualify for the European Youth Championships to be held at the end of October during Equità Lyon.
  • The NRHA Ancillaryclasses are valid for the prestigious NRHA World Standingsthat each year crown the strongest pairs of ‘sliders’ in the world. The Reining World Championship, promoted by the US National Reining Horse Association, is decided on the results from official competitions held in countries across the globe. Recent years have frequently seen European, and especially Italian, riders stepping up to collect the award, thanks to the excellent prize money offered in Europe. In fact, the 2017 Non ProWorld Champion is a young Italian rider from Molise, Enrico Sciulli.



Monday, 21

  • Non ProDerby, 1st go-round (section 1)
  • CRI *** Senior

Tuesday, 22

  • Derby Non Pro, 1st go-round (section 2)
  • Derby Open, 1st go-round (section 1)

Wednesday, 23

  • Derby Open, 1st go-round (section 2)
  • CRI *** Junior + Young Riders

Friday, 25

  • Derby Non Pro, Final

Saturday, 26

  • Derby Open, Final

Friday, 25 and Saturday, 26

  • NRHA Classes




1 - Gina Schumacher & Gotta Nifty Gun, 2017 Irha/Nrha Derby Non pro Level 4 Champions
2 - Enrico Sciulli, 2017 NRHA Non Pro World Champion





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